Cole Alexander (Founder and President)

In 2008, Cole was visiting his grandfather who was near the end of a prolonged struggle with lung cancer. As anxious and grieving family members gathered around that East Texas living room, Cole had an idea: "If I could turn this living room into a treatment center and make the home the hub of health care, this would have an incredible impact." He then thought on an even bigger scale, "This model would actually impact the larger community outside of the living room." This is the moment that his business model - the idea of providing mobile, affordable care to underserved individuals and communities – began to take shape.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”- Cole Alexander”]It’s about bridging the gaps between the patient and the provider. It’s about circumventing what keeps a patient from getting help.”

His background as a teacher (he taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for eight years) and his natural inclination to problem-solve presented a solution. In 2012 while finishing his doctorate, the not-for-profit organization Free Range Health was born.

Cole's vision of bringing affordable health care to underserved populations whose mobility challenges limit their access to services - whether seniors on fixed incomes, people unable to leave their homes due to debilitating illness or disability, or individuals who have less access due to socioeconomic reasons - was realized.

Cole's ultimate goal is to create a national organization with a Free Range Health chapter in each county of every state. The mantra is overcoming mobility challenges and making integrative, alternative health care available and affordable to all.

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