Create one last great memory when you donate your RV to Free Range Health!
  • Has your wanderlust wandered away?
  • Is it time to stay closer to home?
  • Are you concerned about repair costs?
  • Is your RV just sitting in your driveway?

Create one last great memory when you donate your RV to Free Range Health! We work with a lot of retired seniors. A lot of them have owned an RV at some time in their life. They all talk about the great memories with their kids or travelling with their spouses across the country. Many of these same patients no longer enjoy the mobility of their younger years. For them, the fond memories of summers spent in the RVs help them relax during their acupuncture sessions. We know you've had some great memories too. Why not make you last memory one that feels as good as all the rest?

You don't need to worry about the headache of selling it yourself by letting us take it off your hands. It gets even better: when you make the decision to donate to our charity, you are choosing to support low-cost acupuncture and East Asian medicine services for people and communities in need.

When you donate your RV, we want you to have a pleasant experience.  All you need to do is follow this link to get the ball rolling. We've even created a handy checklist to help you keep track of the process. It's written for a car, but the same steps apply when you donate your RV.

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How To Donate Your Car: An Easy-To-Follow Checklist

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Here are some of the ways we make it easy to donate your RV...

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    Are the repair costs for your old RV a concern for you? Did it stop running years ago? We've got you covered!  We'll take it off your hands even if it hasn't worked in years!
  • 2
    Don't let transportation be a concern when you donate your RV to Free Range Health. We save you all of the trouble and time by coming to you to pick up the RV. No more worrying about what to do! You'll be rolling the open roads when you let us handle the transportation!
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    Our specialists will handle all of the details to make sure you get the maximum amount of value for your gift. This means a better tax advantage for you and more financial support for us. This is really a WIN-WIN for YOU and for Free Range Health!
Help needy people get access to unbelievably effective health care! Donate your RV to Free Range Health today!

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We'll take cars in any condition!

How it works.....

When you are ready to donate your RV to Free Range Health, you will be contacted by our RV donation partners at Car Easy. They are a nonprofit that specializes in helping other nonprofits accept vehicle donations.

The specialists will schedule a time to pick up the RV. Once they have the RV, they will determine if it should be:  1) sold at auction or 2) sold for scrap metal. It all depends on the market at the time of your donation.

Once the decision has been made, your RV will be sold. You will receive a receipt for the final sale amount, and Free Range Health will receive the funds from your sale. Of course, our Car Easy partners keep a portion of the sale to help continue their amazing service. We think this is a small price to pay for opening the door to more ways generous people like you can support our mission.

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Now you can rest easy knowing your RV has gone to help needy people get access to unbelievably effective health care!